Do you have any website? still confused about the content for it? please read this posting more I was online and surfing today until I found this ZangoCash programs.
ZangoCash has been put on BBB Online Realizability Program you can check the company class on there.

Here the explanation how zangocash can make you and your user satisfied :

For Advertiser
How Does Zango Work?
Zango enables you to connect with consumers when they are actively searching for your products or services online. Your ad is activated by a consumer’s keyword or website URL search and is delivered via a webpage to consumers who are members of the Zango network.

Who Sees My Ads?
Over 20 million Zango users have online access to a huge catalog of free ad-supported games, videos, emoticons, greeting cards, plus other creative and practical online tools. Your ads are shown to this vast audience which is 100% opt-in. All Zango members must agree to see relevant ads in exchange for getting thousands of free videos, hundreds of games, movies and software applications.

Because Zango members have chosen to view ads in exchange for valued free content, they’re receptive to seeing ads that are relevant to their online product search. Click here to see our consumer opt-in process.

For Publisher

Make Money Online
Free Content for your Website … and you Get Paid!
Interested in adding videos, games and downloads for free to your website? Want to make money online by promoting Zango content to your users?
With ZangoCash, you get free content for your website and monetize your site through a variety of programs. Find out how ZangoCash can help you get great videos, games, and downloads and start making money today!

There is 4 programs for publisher in ZangoCash

Software Bundle
Go learn that programs first before you joined, There is $500 bonus for you if you joined now. ( I think this is promotion so if you want to get that bonus better join now! ) I will review this site to next day stay tuned people.

* Continued *

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