Telkom Speedy review July 2007

I’m already using speedy 1 month since I change my ISP from malangmedianet into telkom speedy here is an review about telkom speedy for 1 month using warnet package.

Stability Rating A

Telkom speedy has very good stability better than other ISP on Indonesia, the result using for 1 month I got down time around 7 Hours (it was DNS problem) so the uptime will be…… let’s calculate…
Basically total using for 30 day’s is 720 hours minus down time it become 713 hours using, so the percentage… 99,992% hours uptime I give rating A

Connection Speed Rating B+
In the contract speedy are guaranteed for connection UP TO 384KBPS, but after tested in reality 384KbPS are guarantee connection from your HOME into SPEEDY Gateway so the IIX server never lagged International link is burstable around 712-230KbPS.
This is not good for costumer, so I hope speedy read this post and fix their International Link up to 384KbPS too. I give rating B+

Cost Rating B+
Why Cost rating B+? Because actually speedy is still not cheap for Internet connection. let’s open our mind and see another country cost for internet connection. in Indonesia internet connection is not cheap but why I can give rating B+ for speedy cost because it’s a lot lot CHEAPER than other local ISP in Indonesia. you can check it if you don’t believe.

Satisfication Rating A

I’m very satisfied using speedy my costumer never complain again about lagging or slow loading website. no offense but I think another internet service provider in Indonesia should learn from speedy management and marketing

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