stupidity of ITB enginering student versus my data exchange.

brian aja: tanggal 4/5 januari
Rhonda Lambert: wow!
Rhonda Lambert: so fast!!
Rhonda Lambert: tgl 5
brian aja: yeah.. every milk has expiriation date..
brian aja: expiration
Rhonda Lambert: she’s milk already expired dude!!
brian aja: mumpung susu sik durung kadaluarsa!!!!!
brian aja: wow..
brian aja: have u been tried it!
Rhonda Lambert: dude…… she’s mature.. i dont think she can handle pressure
Rhonda Lambert: i bet she already doing that
brian aja: bwahahaha.. so do you mean that maturation state of person has a real close connection with horny?
Rhonda Lambert: you looks old but your brain is ssssoooooooooooooooo smalllllll
Rhonda Lambert: that was a closed connection dude!!
brian aja: so if you’re mature you can’t handle the heat?
Rhonda Lambert: heat transfer?
brian aja: what is definition of mature then?
Rhonda Lambert: im not done yet on that subject
Rhonda Lambert: dude… even my balls small all woman like to lick it
brian aja: yeah.. and you can’t solve the heat transfer equation with a womans tongue stuck on your balls
brian aja: owh.. I almost forgot.. this is my last week on this semester..
Rhonda Lambert: stop talkin about that you make my day better with that!
brian aja: so I guess you owe me a “THANK YOU for makin’ my day better!”
Rhonda Lambert: alright now go to closset and colacoli
brian aja: ralat
Rhonda Lambert: go toooooooo haaaaaaaaallllllllll
brian aja: have it done pal.. last night I fucked my USB port
brian aja: she’s orgasm and get juiced
brian aja: juiced me with a 12 V electricity
Rhonda Lambert: i bet your bird die now
brian aja: well.. technically.. he’s in commas
brian aja: until..
brian aja: until I found a woman wo gave my bird a CPR

Well done =))

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