myLot™ is a greatest community I have found for this year 2006! my best reward on worldwide web bussines and service on Indonesian Bussines Rewards 2006 edition.

Who behind mylot?
I don’t know who actualy the man behind mylot. I just notice Miss Reene is the payment name maybe mylot_payments is miss Reene in real life. who they are? are they individualis or company?
Im personaly try to get information from discussion on there. some of response say mylot is private company. Im disagree with that, mylot is a BIG COMPANY. you want to know mylot company? here they are…

This is real mylot company building. the real name is LLC company! the address on virtual world is , I notice my payments come from Miss Renee wasinger. so i believe miss renee is CEO of that company.

here is the real address of LLC company you can go check it if you dont believe me.
12920 Metcalf Avenue
Suite #120
Overland Park, KS 66213

now you can know what LLC target on this worldwideweb bussines just follow on some link I give and you will know mylot is the best on this world!

Honestly Im already get paid twice from mylot and on quequed for januari payment. here is some images from my payments. click on picture to show in real size you can check it if you think this is fake images (actualy this is real images I promise for GOD!)

My first payment sent out through ikobo.

My second payment sent out through egold because there is problem with ikobo they not accept mylot orders again.

The last allert I got from miss Renee said mylot still long from they goal so if you want to help them and get rewarded into some real cash money you can join through my referrals link


how you can increase your earnings? this is very simple! the answer is use mylot! you wil earn money for sure. if you become my referrals I can give some tips through my ebook to target your earnings day by day.


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