myLot Report

This is my new report about myLot.
Right now myLot looks like want to take all the website revenue to them. we can see this by reduced earnings, every day to day all people earnings going down and a lot of people leave it.
I try to contact myLot staff and tell them about people started leaving myLot but they not response to me so I think they make a wrong movement. myLot grown bigger by members and if myLot make members not satisfied myLot will False!! truely False!!

I know maybe hard to pay Billion Dollar every month by just running advertising on website. myLot should make changes they should sell something on there to make profit to pay they members beside earn revenue from advertising.

I’am an older members on myLot and help myLot to grown their website until BIG like now.
I hope miss Reene would to read my post and read all my words carefully.

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