My Prize on myLot banner contest!!

myLot Banner Contest

myLot_ContactUs (1) 7/12/2007
Hello istanto- Your banner is being considered for the myLot Banner Contest. We would like to request that you make some more banners similar to the this banner but make one small change to each banner

We would like to request that you make a banner for each interest(music, sports, people you admire, etc) Once you have created a banner for a particular interest, we would like you to change the wording at the bottom of the banner to “Discuss music at myLot” or something similar and change it for each interest(instead of “Still there more Interest section”) Also, can you change “join now to check it” to “Click here to Check it Out” or something along that lines.

Do not feel obligated to make this change if you are not interested in being considered for the myLot Banner Contest. If you would like to make these changes, please make your changes and email them to [email protected] and let us know that these changes have been made.

We look forward to seeing your banners. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Best Regards,

myLot Staff


Yippy!!!! I got this 3 email from mylot which tell me they like my banners and asking me to redesigned it. Perfectly this one was I’m waiting for.. I need money to buy something =P~ mhh digital camera?? new Phone or maybe I will use it to pay my school hehehe.. I love this site so much.

long live mylot!! thanks Miss Reene

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