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Monetize your website! get paid in Real cash or Voucher! earn money in simple way put 3 banners on your website and get paid monthly has rating A+ because I was partnership with them for around 10 month already and get paid in time always!

so if you not success with another advertising network or you need to earn extra cash monthly I recomended you to join

Tips for you to earn BIG money from is very simple for 1 website they accepted into their network you get paid £ 5.00 you have maximum 99 website in the network so each month you can get paid £ 495.00 converting it on USD and you will know much difference in your local currency.

RULES YOU HAVE TO READ BEFORE YOU JOINED! will not accept sites with offensive or inappropriate content or sites whose content relates to forums and reserves the right to reject any website from using its service that contain the following:

* All P***ography/N***ty/S**uality
* Spam
* Racist Content
* Copyright infringement
* Illegal activities
* Illegal Software/Hacking
* URLs which are a referral/affiliate account for a parent site
* Get Rich Quick site
* C***no/Ga***ing site
* Sites containing popup
* Site that resizes the browser to full screen
* Racist, sexist bulletin boards
* if on a BBS, you must be moderated for foul and inflammatory language
* Sites using duplicate or copied content. performs quality checks on all sites within network. Any site considered unsuitable may be removed, this includes:
* Unsuitable content
* Failure to update the adverts
* Failure to place the adverts
* Prescription Pharmaceuticals
* Trip Filter
* Cloaking
If a publisher at any time provides false information.
The above will result in instant removal from the network. This decision is entirely at discretion.

Displaying banners on your site:
Provided that the terms above are met, a user may sign-up for one account only unless expressly permitted in writing by

Members agree to insert the provided code for displaying banners on their web site. The supplied code may not be modified in any way without our express permission in writing from; ‘ code’ means the code produced by for your site in order for you to display banner advertising.
You may not place the banner code within any of the following:
* Pop-up
* Pop-under
* You may not place the code on any web page whereby activity on that or any other web page causes your site and/or page to refresh automatically, whether by Meta tags, JavaScript or any other means.
* Ads must be viewable and be available to a normal Web surfer without JavaScript, frames or Flash.’ banners must be displayed on the page that the banner is easily visible and within the main body of the web pages.

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