are stupid website…

Holly crap this is my bad day…

Today I was try to login into my intoffers account then I got Messages my account banned as cheater. WTF with them, my account is clear and never cheat on there I pay them to advertise but intoffers admin believe they system is right that’s why i called them “STUPID”

I try to contact them via email and asking why I get status “cheater” in my account and I got reply

from “[email protected]
to [email protected]
date Apr 13, 2007 3:26 AM
subject Re: Help my account blocked

You are marked as cheater because you used a proxy, that is not allowed on our site.

With kind regards,

Annelies de Bruijne

They must be crazy and stupid…. I was pay my ISP and I even don’t know if my ISP using proxy connection or anything might change my IP address.
This is not right so I write it all in here to let people know about this bad intoffers website. how intoffers admin can say everyone should have ONLY ONE IP ADDRESS (blahblahblah if we are pay ISP and ISP change our IP without tell us so we all will get banned?? for this ISP fails?! BLAH! @!#@%$#^%*&^%)
They system are stupid and not eligible as International standard.

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