Indonesian Internet Growing!

Good News!
In the last 2 years ago Indonesia have to pay million Rupiah per month just for using internet service with lowest bandwidth. This year 2007 on August PT. Bakrie Telecom started to play in Internet market on Indonesia, they come with HOAX Price in the Fastnet bundle package.

Product Name Speed in kbps Cable Modem Instalation Fee Price
FastNet 384 up to 384 kbps Not Provided Free Rp 99.000
FastNet 512 up to 512 kbps Not Provided Free Rp 195.000
FastNet 768 up to 768 kbps Provided Free Rp 295.000
FastNet 1500 up to 1500 kbps Provided Free Rp 595.000
FastNet 3000 up to 3000 kbps Provided Free Rp 1.195.000

Wonderfull! this is actually price we all Indonesian people looking for price with great service same with other people in other country right?!?! looks like now our internet provider are growing this prize automatically will take down another ISP Price. but there is problem this service is not cover all Indonesian land it just in development and available on BIG city only. don’t be sad in 6 month later I believe this service will growing cover all Indonesian.


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