How to: Withdraw your money from paypal if you’re outside USA

How to Withdraw your money from paypal if you’re outside USA. people outside USA who doesn’t have credit card should read this important information. first why? to withdraw your money from paypal you will need credit card, the problem is sometimes it’s to costly to have credit cards from your own country or you’re still student which can’t apply for credit cards, etc.

Here is the solution:

what is accentbanking:
ACCENT® is your new USA Personal Banking and Business Services provider.
ACCENT is a name many have grown to know and trust. The highest quality service and attention to customer needs and concerns are a hallmark of the Accent programs.

what accentbanking offer for you:
Your new ACCENT account has the following features:
–A personal bank account with your own unique bank account number
–Personalised bank Debit Card with your name embossed on the card
–INTERNET, ATM and Point of Sale usage (PIN or signature)
–CVV2 Code and Expiration Date (2 years)
–Wire Transfer services (inbound and outbound)
–Business Services and consulting
–Your ACCENT account is personal. Each account has its own UNIQUE bank account and NOT JUST a Direct Deposit Account.
–International Services – available to most countries worldwide.

Account activation fee deducted from first deposit $7.95
Monthly Service Charge $4.95
Transfer to your Bank Account (ACH) Fee (each)
NOTE: LIMIT IS US$ 1500.00 per transfer/daily. See notes below $3.50 + 2.5%
Check deposit to your account
NOTE: LIMIT IS US$ 1500.00. See notes below $3.50 + 2.5%
Transaction Fee Internet purchase CVV $2.00
Transaction Fee Signature POS (each) $2.00
Transaction Fee PIN POS (each) $2.00
ATM withdrawal Fee (each) $2.50
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (each) $1.10
ATM Balance Decline Fee (each) $1.50
Transfer from Card to Bank Account Fee (US ACH) (each) $4.00
Account to Account Transfer Fee (inter-bank) $3.00
Cancellation of Card or Account Fee (each) $4.50
Cash Advance Fee from a POS device or bank teller $2.00
Reactivation Fee (each) $35.00
Replacement Card Fee (per Card) $25.00
Wire Transfer Fee (worldwide) $45.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Inbound to account)
NOTE: Limit is US$ 1500.00 per transfer – see notes below $15.00 +2.5%
Wire Transfer fee OVER $1500.00 (see note below) $45.00 +2.5%
Account Liquidation Fee (Cashier’s Check) (US Destination) $12.00
Account Liquidation Fee (Cashier’s Check) (Foreign Destination) $25.00 (Air Mail)
Account Liquidation Fee (Wire Transfer) (US Destination) $50.00
Account Liquidation Fee (Wire Transfer) (Foreign Destination) $70.00
Paper Statement Fee (each) $30.00
Account NSF Fee – (ACH payment request with insufficient balance) $30.00
Internal transfers $1.00

how to apply
AccentCard – eVox Management LLC
3851 East Thunderbird Road, Suite 111-113
Phoenix, Arizona 85032-5720, USA.
email: Plese use contact form above (Select ENGLISH)

AccentCard Latin America
email: Plese use contact form above (Select ESPAÑOL)

Tu Cuenta en USA
email: [email protected]

email: [email protected]
Agroexo is specialist to represent foreign companies, dedicated to give solutions of e-commerce with important results in Chile. We are a company that the first priority is the direct attention with our clients, considered the fundamental part of our work.
Agroexo especialista en representaciones de empresas extranjeras, dedicados integradamente a dar soluciones de e-commerce obteniendo resultados y premios importantes en Chile. Somos una empresa que como primera prioridad se encuentra la atención directa con nuestros clientes, considerados la parte fundamental de nuestro trabajo.

email:[email protected]

IAC Debit Cards:
email: [email protected]
A Debit Card service provider specialized in setting up coperate clients for private label or payroll card programs aswell as serving individuals with international payment solutions.
Europe Office VoiceBox Number: (UK)+44 (0)7005-801-207
Europe Fax Number: (UK)+44 (0)7005-801-392

Eternity Pay
email: [email protected]
Eternity Pay is a convenient, fast and reliable way to load your Accent card by bank wire, ecurrencies or cash deposit.
We provide a secure interface linked to your Accent card which enables you to load it at any time.
Our services are provided in English, French and soon in Spanish

The True Potential Group
email: [email protected]
The True Potential Group comprises of over 20 assorted websites which offer a large scope of products and services. Our area of experise is broad and our websites include: International Telecom services, US Bank Account Registration, Virtual Products, Power Saving Devices, Life Size Steel Art Aliens, Free Screensavers and much more.
We pride ourselves in our personal and efficient customer service.
Please visit our website at

Easy Corp Ltd
email: [email protected]
At Easy Corp Ltd, we help worldwide business owners to develop their activities. For small businesses or individuals who need to validate a Paypal account or simply obtain a US based bank account and Visa card, we are now selling the Accent card. We offer several payment options. We also speak English and French and we serve worldwide clients.

email: [email protected]
PayCards is building its strength on the best card products worldwide. We offer a very fast, secured and convenient way to purchase international debit cards like the AccentCard Visa.
Our Helpdesk assists you 24/7 in all matters. At PayCards you can purchase your new AccentCardVisa account and card with confidence. PAYCARDS- The driving force in Debit and ATM Cards.
Paycards Stärke ist die angebotene Vielfalt der besten Kartenanbieter weltweit. Unser Service ist schnell, sicher und einfach zu Nutzen. Die AccentCard Visa ist eines unserer hervorragenden Produkte der renommiertesten Kartenaussteller. Unser Support-Team hilft Ihnen 24/7 bei allen Fragen gerne weiter. Auf unserer Webseite können Sie die Accentcard Visa mit Zuversicht bestellen. – PayCards – The driving Force in Debit and ATM Cards.

China Resource Group
email: [email protected]
美商信息中心 Mei Shang Inc.
Born in China, Serve the World
QQ: 515311769
QQ: 136890319

MK Deals, Kuala Lumpur
email: [email protected]
For 5 years and still going, MK Deals provides training & consultancy for aspiring netpreneurs in Malaysia.

email: [email protected]
AsiaOnlines is a fastest growing Internet Marketing Resource Centre.
In the area of online marketing, we are specializes in Web Hosting, Online Campaign Management and Affiliate Marketing Strategy.

Supriyadi Slamet Widodo
email: [email protected]

Price for new account:
North America: US$95.00
Central and South America: US$95.00
European Union (west): US$ 95.00
European Union (east, incl. Turkey & Israel): US$125.00
Australia/New Zealand: US$ 95.00
North Africa: US$500.00
Africa, other: US$750.00
Middle East: US$500.00
Asia: US$95.00
India: US$175.00

Please learn it first before you going to apply, this card can be used for paypal verification and withdrawn in easy way, good for anyone who need business solution (please read they first information on how to activating your US bank account and your debit card before you can use the card and bank account)

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