Change your * into

Poor me, always late to know something new.. he he he.. I reading on friend blogs about how to change * into it’s simple and not really hard to completed.. just need to change DNS zone on your domain.

Here the tips, after you buy you will got control panel to manage your domain.. with only little 44 cents you can buy DNS manager service OR if you REALLY POOR even have no 44 cents you can use free DNS service 😛

Next is “how to configure it?” If you have paid DNS service just add CNAME record www into and you done. if you’re using free DNS service you have to login into that service and add CNAME record www into almost same but please check everything carefully before you make an mistake. If you’re using free DNS service you have to point your domain into that free DNS service nameserver.

That’s all, and you will become blogger artist by telling your friend my blogs is on *LOL*

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