Next Month Targeting

So this is my plan for next month earnings, I will focused on advertising business to get extra money next month. First I’m planning to make site similarly to rapidshare I have set it up and tested the script. just one problem In here I faced in my country those company not seling super hosting … Read more

Be Careful When You Choose Hosting Company

Today, there is million hosting company that guarantee for your website performance and any promotion to get new costumer. I’m not say all hosting company is bad, there is some of them really GOOD and some of them really JERK. Here the one sample bad hosting company “” it’s local hosting company in my country … Read more

What the best CPC, CPM, or CPA

If I’m asking you like that? what will you choose? I personally will choose on how my website performance and what is my website content basically. To monetize your website the easiest way is using CPM it’s very easy on earning you just need traffic to earn million a month here I got some list … Read more

mylot banner contest winner!

This is 17 july 2007 in my local time jakarta +7 GMT mylot just a little late to alerts us who’s the winner on their banner contest. I’m the lucky one mylot picks up around 10 of my banner design in 5 category, but I just little curious why they not show my best banner … Read more

Compare bandwith speed and price in Indonesia

This is bandwith speed test using Starone CDMA connection Nokia6015i + CA42 data cable test server in Dallas, Texas. Result : Stability = bad Price = Rp6660/hour or $0,737451 Flat Price for 24 hours using = Rp159.840 or $1,76988 This is bandwith speed test using Telkom Speedy connection Warnet Packaging using alliend telesyn modem test … Read more


Well well well I’m back to writing… Finally I know is scam… I want to tell EVERYONE to not joined on or they any link website ex: or any website with same owner. (actually this are website with same owner, only one name ROBERT BELL) The Story was so sad… I’m joined … Read more