Be Careful When You Choose Hosting Company

Today, there is million hosting company that guarantee for your website performance and any promotion to get new costumer. I’m not say all hosting company is bad, there is some of them really GOOD and some of them really JERK.

Here the one sample bad hosting company “” it’s local hosting company in my country first time I come on there they words promotion really make me want to buy hosting with them yes and I buy they product one and planning to buy more but … after a few weeks one on my website got suspended without warning on there, this is one signal they company is not GOOD for any consumers, terms always changed when costumer complains and they needed to safest they “MONEY” they collect… so I’m stopped and plan to move all my websites from them into another better hosting.
I can accept on suspended because gamescript might use a lot of their server resource, but they are really JERK no warning or anything before I can safe my datafiles from them, I lost all data and my time, they as me Rp. 500.000 or around $50 to get my files back.. really? I’m not make any profit yet on first month…
what a really JERK hosting company

After 2 month one of my friends contact me on Yahoo! Messenger and start to tell me his story about his website got suspended too on javahostindo, this is the funny thing .. really funny.
did you ever hearing website got suspended because using JOOMLA? truely! on javahostindo they say JOOMLA using 6% of their server resource! and my friend hosting got suspended! HAHAHAHA.. I was laughing on my friends when he tell me this story.. I hope no one other folls will buy hosting on them again this is the warning from me personally.

Now we talking about GOOD companies, from my searching result user satisfication , price , server performance and some of my experience here is….


You should choose one from this 10 hosting company if you want to get all GOOD service this is the rating from many experienced people also my experience on hosting service. Either you may not use the coupon but I recommended you to choose this TOP TEN list if you want to buy hosting.

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