Adsense Part 2

Yeah, We all already know Adsense is Great Program from google but how much people understand how to maximize their revenue with adsense? I want to share my experience with you all. Just notice for you all, I’m Newbie on this adsense programs so if you more advanced than me then teach me!
Here is the Adsense tips.

Make sure your website content is briliant, briliant in here mean a lot of people was enjoy to know or use it. for example success website,,,, (google already buy this website, smart movement *giigles*)

Your website looks. better looks more people will interested to join it. you have to play with colour and word. remember you have only 10 seconds to make people interested with your website.

The keyword! this is one important things many adsense newbie don’t really understand about it. more high paying keyword more you will get paid if someone clicked on adsense ads in your website. in adsense control panel keyword named as Channel. there is place to checked keyword price but I will not tell you people this is my secret :p

Here is some list high paying keyword use it if you like it.

austin dwi $66.89
austin dwi attorney $58.30
san diego dui attorney $54.56
houston criminal attorney $47.44
san diego dui $42.83
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dui attorneys $40.19
dwi attorney $39.90
dui attorney $39.11
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dui lawyer $38.49
lawyer dui $38.49
dui lawyers $37.57
federal criminal attorney $35.80
car accident lawyer $35.67
dwi attorneys $35.32
criminal lawyers $34.19
new york criminal attorney $33.95
auto accident attorney $33.19
auto accident lawyer $33.13
dwi lawyer $32.31
dwi lawyer $32.31
texas dwi law $31.02
car accident attorney $30.16
car accident attorney $30.16
california tax attorney $29.56
dwi in minnesota $29.37
motorcycle accident attorney $28.93
washington dui $28.38
lemon law attorney $28.25
lemon law $27.95
help attorney $27.92
injury lawyers $27.88
dallas dwi $27.68
wrongful death attorney $27.25
mesothelioma attorney $27.20
personal injury lawyer $26.72
san diego personal injury attorney $26.58
accident lawyer $26.55
personal injury attorney $26.32
personal injury attorney $26.32
tax attorney $25.83
tax attorney $25.83
alaska lawyer $25.77
minnesota dwi laws $25.75
federal lawyer $25.72
dallas personal injury attorney $25.58
lawyer injury $25.16
death lawyer $25.11

auto insurance quote $57.18
college loan consolidation $53.52
car insurance quote $46.89
federal loan consolidation $46.62
online car insurance $41.92
term life insurance quote $40.43
cheap car insurance $39.79
student loan consolidation $39.45
auto insurance quotes $39.24
online insurance quotes $37.63
student loan information $37.32
equity loan rates $36.53
nj auto insurance $36.31
student loan consolidation center $35.89
debt consildation $35.83
chase credit cards $35.02
student loan refinancing $34.89
discount car insurance $34.34
life insurance quote $34.26
homeowners insurance quotes $33.61
mortgage loans $33.17
mortgage loans $33.17
mortgage refinancing $33.08
equity line of credit $33.05
college loans $32.91
best mortgage rates $32.65
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loan refinancing $32.44
us mortgage rates $32.38
instant insurance quote $32.37
term life insurance quotes $32.11
consolidation loan $32.03
loan refinance $31.95
car insurances $31.92
safe auto insurance $31.82
insurance auto florida $31.38
auto insurance $31.38
equity line of credit $30.71
gmac mortgages $30.46
mortgages for self employed $30.45
car insurance california $30.17
in car insurance $29.84
best mortgage $29.53
refinancing mortgages $29.43
line of credit $29.27
prequalify loan $28.98
loans com $28.75
business credit report $28.40
whole life insurance quotes $28.17
new york auto insurance $27.72
online mortgages $27.71
student loan $27.61
cheap house insurance $27.45
low cost life insurance $27.25
school loan consolidation $26.99
citi credit $26.80
manhattan mortgages $26.70
school loans $26.61
term insurance $26.58
second mortgage $26.56
credit report com $26.48
auto ins $26.21
consolidation $25.90
line of credit $25.57
landlords insurance $25.46
low mortgage $25.45
commercial vehicle insurance $25.37
credit consolidation $25.32
bad credit mortgages $25.22
bad credit mortgages $25.22
discount life insurance $25.22

The place to put adsense ads into your website. please put adsense ads in the place where people can see it clearly, also if you can combine it same with your website color you will get more better result.

If you can buy or make more than one website, this is just for people want to earn more on every single day.
Imagine if you have 10 website, each website usually give you average earnings $1 per website. in one single day you can collect $10 from all your website.

That’s all my tips now create your own website with unique content. promote it using SEO until your web in good rank once you get a lot visitor to your website let’s it works like money machine.

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