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Payment Question
istanto (6531)

Hello Sir/Miss,
Sorry if I bother just for asking this. I want to ask are mylot will
still paying until 2008 or forever or will be stopped someday?
are we will get paid on this Januari?
That’s all of my question. sorry if I’m asking this, please reply thanks.


1. myLot_Payments (31)

I’m curious why you would think myLot will stop paying? We will be paying people who have accumulated more than $10 by December 31st on or before January 15th. myLot is in it for the duration. We have no intention of ever stopping. We are constantly working on enhancements–some of which will be introduced soon.

2. istanto (6531)

Sorry if I’m asking like that. I just thinking… with this 54.000+ members are mylot still strong enough to handle all payment? what mylot get back from we all?. I have input for mylot,maybe mylot can used mass payment feature on egold. I’m Happy to hear mylot will keep paying and ever stopping. so.. how about the new features sir, may I know it?

3. myLot_Payments (31)

I can tell you that I hope to have the mass payment option
running for the January e-gold payments. It’s still being tested.
If it doesn’t run this month, it’ll run next month.

Regarding the enhancements, I can’t give out too many details.
Watch for an alert in the next day or two. I believe it will answer
many of your questions & reassure our loyal responders
who regularly post quality responses.

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